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Get Started

Coaching is available either in-person or online as follows:


Individual sessions (55 minutes);
Packages of 5 – 10 sessions


Group sessions for 5 – 8 parents (75 minutes)


Speaking engagements


Please DOWNLOAD and review the DISCLOSURE statement below.



Enlightened Parenting is a service that provides parenting coaching services to individuals and groups. The client is aware that this practice is run by Ellen F. Gottlieb (hereinafter “EFG”) who does not have formal psychological or medical training or credentials. She is not licensed in any jurisdiction in any medical capacity. The information provided by EFG shall not be construed as a substitute for professional advice by a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Social Worker or counselor, and EFG is not making medical decisions or diagnoses. The information provided by EFG does not constitute legal, medical or psychological advice. The client is aware that the parenting coaching services of EFG are not to be construed or substituted for professional Psychiatric or Psychological counseling or any other type of therapy. There are no warranties or guarantees offered, either express or implied. The client acknowledges that EFG will not be held legally liable for any actions the client may or may not choose to undertake as a result of parenting coaching services of EFG or Enlightened Parenting. The client voluntarily takes full responsibility for all parenting decisions made after being coached by EFG as well as all consequences of those actions. The client agrees to hold EFG harmless for any consequences which may result from the information provided by Enlightened Parenting or EFG.