WELCOME! I am thrilled to have you join me as we take a deep dive into conscious parenting. Each week, we will tackle a new topic and learn amazing lessons to help you develop a closer connection with your child of any age, devoid of strings, free of anger, and filled with love on a higher plane. The conventional parenting paradigm just does not work. Children end up feeling unhappy, stressed-out, angry, rebellious, and often lack the self-confidence and basic skills which are essential to functioning well in the world. Let’s learn how to raise children who do not have to spend their adult years healing wounds inadvertently inflicted by their parents during their critical childhood years. We will delve into many important issues including how to raise your awareness, identify your triggers, recognize their etiology, become non-reactive, stop criticizing, avoid shaming and blaming, honor and accept unconditionally, enhance connection, self-regulate emotions, and impose essential boundaries with love, care, and safety. Join me on this amazing journey with an open heart, curiosity, and self-compassion. Ask questions! Challenge! Learn! Shift your parenting mode and watch your children soar.

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