The Practice Of Releasing Our Thoughts


It keeps happening, right? Do you notice how your old thought patterns tend to recur unconsciously? As you begin to become aware of them, you start to realize how often they arise and how much they control your feelings and actions.

If this is happening to you, consider it a great start because awareness is essential to shifting into consciousness. As the late great Maya Angelou, poet and philosopher said, you cannot change what you do not see; and you can only do better when you know better. Now you are starting to know better so … congratulations!

You have begun the journey of self-awareness. No matter your age, this is really hard work because there is no one on the outside to blame for anything! We are responsible for ourselves, and we create the conditions for our lives. Acceptance of those essential truths is empowering. Of course, this can also be quite scary, so remember to be gentle with yourself and take very small steps.

To practice, identify one thought that keeps recurring. Notice how real it seems. Notice how familiar it is. Now start to question it. Where did it start? How did it get created? Is it serving you? It is through this process of investigating, witnessing, and questioning your thought patterns, with open curiosity, honesty, and gentleness that you can begin to shed them.

There is no rush and there is no perfect goal. There is just the simple, yet profound work of moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, which trigger your feelings, which govern your actions.

Keep breathing and honoring yourself for walking this walk which is the path to true liberation. Also, reach out to a trained conscious coach for guidance and support.

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